Why TON Telegram Is Better Than Bitcoin. Pavel Durov Will Kill Bitcoin

a year ago

Did you know that Pavel Durov has already raised $1.7B while holding his TON ICO, making him the leader in the amount of raised funds? Or the fact that TON blockchain platform and its cryptocurrency GRAM are nominated for the most demanded one in the world?

We are gonna tell you how GRAM can accomplish what Bitcoin could not.

200M potential users

Bitcoin had to go through the long path of establishing itself from electronic money for geeks to the globally accepted financial asset. But even now there are still millions of people who aren’t even aware of Bitcoin existence.

Telegram’s cryptocurrency won’t have to follow the same path: the messenger already has 200M potential users who will acquire a functional cryptowallet for their personal use after the full-scale launch of the platform. Not bad for a start.

Each year Telegram audience doubles in its amount. It is projected there will have been more than 400M users by the moment of TON launch. And according to the recent growth dynamics, there will be 1B users in 2022.

Simplicity and usage accessibility

You can’t just march in any store and pay with Bitcoin. Because it is not generally accepted, you’d have to wait for a while before blockchain processes the transaction. Besides, the commission fees may be bigger than the cost of the whole purchase. Of course, it is convenient and cheap to transfer a few million dollars to another country, which large financial players are using it for. However, it won’t make Bitcoin a fully accepted paying option.

Telegram, on the other hand, offers to purchase any products and services here and now in one click. The messenger already features almost 1M bots that are used for buying plane tickets, products from the Internet stores and etc. With the launch of Telegram Open Network, these services will be able to advance and become full selling marketplaces. Anything that you would like to buy will be sold on the palm of your hand, or rather in your smartphone.


“Durov, hand over the encryption keys” — that’s what Russian Intelligence Agencies shout anyway. They are also blocking a lot of websites on the Russian Internet in attempts to block the service, but it just doesn’t work. This here is the best evidence that not only can Telegram team create a truly private platform, but they can also successfully stand up for their user rights.

It is no longer a secret that anonymity is limited in the Bitcoin network. But the Gram cryptocurrency has all the chances to make your payments confidential. It’s not a new darknet either: there will be legal products and legal deals but without the governments and banks overseeing it all. Because it’s your money and only you must choose how and when you manage your funds.

The presence of the leader

Whoever the creator of Bitcoin is, Satoshi Nakamoto is undoubtedly a genius, and no-one dares to criticize his right to remain anonymous. But would top cryptocurrencies be so successful today without their leaders? Like Ethereum without Vitalik Buterin, like Litecoin without Charlie Lee or Bitcoin Cash without Roger Ver?

Even for a decentralized project, which every cryptocurrency should be, it is important to have a leader. And Telegram has this leader — it’s Pavel Durov, the man in whom many believe and are ready to follow him.

Developing countries markets

At this moment, mobile devices in the developing countries such as Iran, India, and Taiwan are actively encouraged to use. The users have jumped over the age of computers and appeared straight in the age of smartphones and mobile platforms.

People there don’t have access to high quality financial services. Also, it’s worth to keep in mind the high inflation level and other negative factors when local currency can suddenly become worthless.

But they do have smartphones, and that’s all they’ll need for the TON blockchain platform. After all, that’s why Pavel Durov has conceived the ideas of accessibility and simplicity for his cryptocurrency.

In conclusion, TON blockchain and Gram cryptocurrency will be successful. How will it change digital and real worlds in many ways depends on each of us. Join the cryptorevolution!