The Collapse Of Bitcoin Rate. History Of The Bitcoin Rate Collapse

3 years ago

Bitcoin’s volatility doesn’t surprise anymore, but its history saw some black days when even the most loyal cryptocurrency followers got desperate.

We compiled a file for you which contains a history of the largest Bitcoin falls: when its price rate dropped for 30%, 50%, and even 80%!


In 2012, there were 2 noticeable Bitcoin declines. When the cryptocurrency price went from $7.38 down to $3.08. Then, in August, it only took 3 days for the price to drop from $16.41 to $7.1.

Today, these numbers look ridiculously small, but if you observe the percentage rate specifically, then you’ll see how in 2012, Bitcoin fell in 49%, and then in 57%. Back then, investors thought that was a real catastrophe.


2013 was full of unpleasant surprises for Bitcoin. No-one could have predicted what’s gonna be tomorrow. The price of the first cryptocurrency collapsed 4 times.

First, Bitcoin took its fall in March. From 6th to 7th of March, the cryptocurrency cheapened for 33% - that’s from $49 to $33. For the next 2 weeks, Bitcoin had been actively growing. But from 21st to 23rd of March, it fell down again for 35% — that is from $77 to $50.

In April, there were 3 terrible days for Bitcoin: the price rate dropped for 83%, from $260 to $45. Further on, in November, Bitcoin fell again: in 24 hours, the price went down for 50% — from $755 to $380.


The fall of 2013 marks the longest price decrease so far, which continued until 15th of January, 2015. These were some long 411 days of cryptocurrency winter: when all alcohol and sedatives were out of stock, including the hope as well. Bitcoin decreased for 87% — from $1160 to $150.

After such a devastating fall, Bitcoin had to restore itself for over 2 years, and only in January of 2017 the price began climbing up again.


2017 is called the most successful year for Bitcoin. It was the time when its price reached the peak points — $20 000. But it wasn’t so colorful for long. First, Bitcoin fell for 34% — from $1350 to $890 in March. Then, in May, the cost went down for 33% — from $2750 to $1850.

The next black Friday came with the arrival of summer when from June to July, Bitcoin cheapened in price for 39% — from $2980 to $1830.Then, investors fought hard for their health in September, when the fall occurred for 40% — from $4980 to $2970. And then count in November too! 30% decrease — from $7900 to $5550.


Here we are in 2018, a year of big hope, but at this moment, it is remembered by its yet another big Bitcoin cost adjustment, but to name things for what they are, it was one of the biggest downfalls.

In December, 2017, Bitcoin reached its peak average price of $20 000. Since then, it’s been following a decreasing trend. The minimal price was recorded on February 6th — it was $6000. Just like that, the price rate of the first cryptocurrency dropped for 70%, which isn’t a big deal compared to 2013 and 2015.

Alright now. We didn’t wanna scare you. The cautious reader would notice how each Bitcoin decrease is followed with a consequent growth and a new world record. We will continue to follow Bitcoin and its price endeavors, as well as to inform you about it all.