Gram. Analyzing The Investment Attraction Of The Telegram Cryptocurrency As Altcoin

a year ago

1. TON offers a cryptocurrency that can be used in daily life, as a means of exchange and as a cryptocurrency for mass market. 

2. TON will include several crypto market functions: a cryptocurrency exchange, messenger-embedded wallet, cloud storage, ICO platform, and personal cryptocurrency creation. 

3. The amount raised during private ICO shows the interest of large investors in the project. The Telegram community has 200 million loyal users, many of whom are looking forward to a public ICO or airdrop. They [Including us] will use the Gram cryptocurrency. 

4. The Telegram team has extensive experience in creating digital products with a user-friendly interface since 2006 (VKontakte). They did not come out of nowhere: the competence and reputation of the Pavel Durov team himself are beyond any doubt.