The Crypto Community Has Chosen Telegram Not Because Of Its Functionality, But Because Of The Founder's Views

3 years ago

Pavel Durov has long been known for his freedom-loving temper, which strongly aligns with the views of the Bitcoin creator. Think about it. The desire to reduce the control of financial authorities, the opposition against the "Orwell World", and the resistance against the existing order — these are all the common traits of cryptocurrency enthusiasm.

Durov defines Bitcoin as “the chance to leave the hegemony of the United States, which, at a time, imposed the whole world its national currency as a reserve one. Since then, they have been basically collecting the tribute from all the countries, paying off their debts with the unlimited manufactured dollars, and using them to buy the assets around the whole world"

It was the reaction on Russian authorities attempts to regulate the cryptocurrency that has bonded the crypto disciples with the Telegram founder

"So instead of getting a hold on the opportunity to make the world more balanced and legitimize the status of the new digital currencies that will overcome the US dollar together with Japan and other Asian countries, we hear the voices of restriction and regulation. It seems as if Bitcoin itself has put sanctions on Russia."

As Pavel Durov puts it, "it doesn’t matter how many messengers (apart from Telegram) are out there, if they all suck."

That's a bold statement. Would you agree with the man? 

Is Telegram the best messenger of all?