Telegram Open Network Will Use a Proof-of-Stake Protocol

a year ago

The protocol features processing validator nodes that stake Gram to ensure their reliability while reaching the Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus. This allows TON to concentrate the computing power of nodes on processing operations and smart contracts, further improving its speed and efficiency.

The advantages of PoS are evident — this mining approach is eco-friendly, that is, it does not require a useless waste of energy, and it solves the problem of 51% attacks. In the case of the attack, the violator will be the first to suffer. The PoS blocks are generated by the nodes that own the most coins. Any attack on the cryptocurrency blockchain leads to a drop in its exchange value. 

The results of the pre-TON ICO (about 45% of the coins are sold) make it clear which wallets will become the main validators of the Grams blocks. Given that approximately 40% of Grams is not for sale, 80 investors who have divided 45% of the cryptocurrency among themselves will ensure that transactions are processed and placed in the blocks when the Gram tokens are launched.