Can You Buy Grams Already?

a year ago

The TON ICO has become the most discussed event in the crypto community recently. Before confirming ICO to be private, the Telegram users were waiting for the opportunity to engage with the project.

Potential TON investors became the targets of scammers. Websites and channels with various offers to buy the Gram cryptocurrency began to pop up out of nowhere. We have warned you many times: any offer to buy Grams is a scam.

So the fraudsters came up with a new story: a large investor was able to participate in the private TON ICO (since nobody believes in the public Gram ICO now). This investor is now ready to sell tokens with a “small” margin of 40-100%, or rather the right to receive these coins. Such proposals often appear in large channels with a loyal audience.

Turn on your brains. The investors who have millions of dollars and who have chosen the most profitable assets to invest their funds into — would they sell them in a couple of months on Telegram channels or on the landing websites? For them, the ICO TON is the possibility to increase their long-hauled investments by thousands of times.

Stay vigilant!