Slow Validators Will Receive a Smaller Block Reward

a year ago

One of the competitive advantages of TON is speed. That's why the developers will implement sharding and create a blockchain without queues of transactions. 

What does this mean for future miners? 

Only one thing – miners will have to meet the technical requirements to maintain the system.

"Take it or leave it"

It is required to obtain ⅔ of the validator signatures to accept the new block. If the validator is slow, ⅔ of all the validator signatures participating in the block creation can go on without the approval of the slow validator - > he will receive less of the reward because of his screw up.

The incentive for the validators is to optimize and update their hardware, software and have a good Internet connection so that they can process user transactions as quickly as possible.

However, if the validator does not have time to sign the transactions before recording the block, they will be included in subsequent blocks. The reward will decrease depending on the number of blocks generated since the validator's fail, but the validator will still receive the reward for their work.