Why Telegram Doesn't Show Channels and Chats Separately

3 years ago

It would be so convenient to have a tab for channels and another tab for chats. Is Durov team unaware of what users really want?

They've got some things figured already — like a feature to delete a message before sending it and increasing the speed of an audio message playback. The feedback is 100% out there. Besides, in our earlier post, we've mentioned some of the clients that support this separation.

The answer to this is out there too and may be described by a simple marketing term — engagement. When you open the app to reply to a single message, you see many notifications from the channels you follow. And almost inevitably, you go for a short time to read, increasing your engagement with the messenger and consequently the indicator of the audience activity.

Perhaps the next major update will finally bring this feature online, but we hardly believe it will happen anyway.

Do you need separate tabs for chats and channels?

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