Six Reasons to Love Telegram TON and One Reason to Hate

3 years ago

1) A Music Player - unlimited music and audiobooks. Period. We have previously covered how to create your personal playlist a few posts ago.

2) Bots - one of the best solutions for business automation, FAQ, event sign up, cryptocurrency purchase, weather forecast, search for books, music, etc.

3) Delete and edit messages - these functions are already “stolen” from VK and partly WhatsApp, but they are necessary, especially for the inattentive and hasty.

4) Saved Messages - the ability to send messages to yourself is convenient. But the dialogue with yourself that appears immediately when you send a message is priceless!

5) Stickers - do you know how many stickers can be found on the Internet? Google doesn't even provide everything. The stickers are passed down the way our grannies gossip around :)

6) Public channels - channels that can only be read and, if necessary, send messages - nothing more. One of the most convenient ways to receive news.

The one reason to hate is why can't you separate chats and channels? Well, that too has been already answered in our previous posts.

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