Is White Label Integration Complicated? Let’s Find It Out With Cryptomus

12 days ago

White label integration includes payment page branding as the visual and textual elements applied to a company's payment services. These elements help to create a recognizable identity for the company. It is also important to brand your payment services in order to be trusted by your customers and to stand out from the crowd of other companies with similar-looking payment pages.

Speaking of Cryptomus, this crypto payment gateway not only offers a profitable payment processing service on the market but now allows merchants to seamlessly integrate and fully customize their payment pages.


With Cryptomus you can personalize:

  • Logo: The logo of the payment network or issuer is a key element of payment page branding. Upload your company logo and it will be displayed on the payment page.
  • Brand name: The name of the payment product or service is an essential part of payment branding. Simply enter the correct brand name and leave it at that!
  • Light/dark themes: You should include this to provide the best possible customer experience. Easily switch between themes for a better style.
  • Domain name: The last and most important part of payment page branding. Sounds complicated? Not really — just ask your personal manager for help, they will always have your back.

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? Leave it to Cryptomus. With a few adjustments your business is ready to accept crypto payments with no limits.