Services That Will Be Featured in Telegram Open Network

a year ago

Wallet - a simple and easy to use wallet which will be embedded into the messenger.

Cloud Service - a Dropbox-lookalike storage that will contain not only the personal files but large chunks of data too

Passport - a service for ID confirmation on various Internet portals which was launched this summer. It isn't clear yet how it will be used though.

Proxy - it is likely that at this very moment, your Telegram is functioning well thanks to proxies that are powered by the MTProto protocol.

Bots - virtual storefronts for demonstrating real physical products and for placing an order just like in Internet stores. These bots may already be customized for automation powered by et cetera shopping platform.

ICO Platform - allows creating personal cryptocurrencies inside Telegram Open Network.

Microtransactions - instant and safe off-chain transactions of a currency.

DNS TON - a service for allocation an easy-to-read name for accounts, smart contracts, services, and network nodes. It makes the decentralization platform user-friendly.

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