The Other Side of Telegram Open Network (TON)

a year ago

The TON platform is used to be praised even before the release. And there are reasons that we regularly talk about. Today, we will show another side of TON

One possible scenario: TON will be a centralized platform with low investment attractiveness.

Decentralization is very narrowly understood by Nikolai Durov, the author of the technical parts of White Paper. Remember how the node selection algorithm works. Most likely, the first buyers of the cryptocurrency will become the main validators. PoS will work at the expense of several hundred validators. It is too small for the network to be as decentralized as Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

P.S. It is possible that in reality, everything will go differently and becoming validator will be easy to start with. In addition, nominators will be able to take a role of creditors, giving each the opportunity to become a validator. 

Low investment attractiveness of the Gram coin. Gram will be a profitable acquisition for early-stage investors — participants of the private TON ICO. TON Reserve will start working once the coin is released. If the price rate falls below a specified level, the coins will be automatically bought, and with the increase — sold. Since Gram is created as a currency for payments within the TON platform, its volatility will be minimal. But the growth rate is always possible along with the growth in the number of users and the size of the platform's economy.

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