Bitcoin Just Had the Best Quarter in 2 Years, Beating All Major Indexes

a month ago

In the first quarter of 2023, Bitcoin stole the limelight by outperforming all major US indexes, achieving its best quarter in two years. With the US banking system facing turmoil and the UK tightening crypto regulations, Bitcoin has stood out as a strong alternative asset. In this article, we will delve deep into the factors contributing to Bitcoin's exceptional performance, the impact of regulatory changes, and how even Dogecoin saw a spike following Elon Musk's Twitter antics.

The Ongoing US Banking Crisis

Financial regulators shuttered the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) last month and took control of its deposits. In the same time frame, we saw the collapse of two of the most crypto-friendly banks, Silvergate and Signature. SVB held deposits of over 50% of all VC-funded tech startups, and most crypto-related businesses and crypto traders used Signature and Silvergate to exchange crypto and fiat. The collapse of these banks resulted in the most significant US bank failure since the global financial crisis more than a decade ago.

As the US banking system faces turmoil spurred by a series of economic and regulatory challenges, investors are increasingly turning to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a safe haven for their funds. The uncertainty in the traditional financial sector has led to a heightened interest in decentralized assets, and Bitcoin has capitalized on this trend. By offering a more stable store of value, the leading cryptocurrency has attracted a broader range of investors, pushing its price to new heights. Bitcoin is currently trading at $28,000, and it has been holding the $27,500 to $28,500 range pretty well for the past few weeks.

Bitcoin Outperforms Other Assets

The first quarter of 2023 saw Bitcoin's price skyrocket by 73%, significantly outpacing all major US indexes. This impressive performance has caught the attention of both retail and institutional investors. Compared to the relatively sluggish growth of stocks and gold, Bitcoin has proven to be a highly lucrative investment. Last quarter saw stocks bounce back, with the S&P 500 up 7% and Nasdaq up by 17%, the best quarter since the fourth quarter in 2020. Furthermore, gold was also up by 7%. However, Bitcoin managed to outperform all these major indexes. Bitcoin started the year off at around $16,000 but finished the quarter at around $28,500, showing its best quarterly performance in two years.

Over the same period, the second-largest cryptocurrency Ethereum jumped by 50%, and it might see additional gains after the Shanghai update scheduled later this month. According to data from popular exchanges like, the global cryptocurrency market cap is back at around $1.24 trillion.

UK Tightening Crypto Regulations

Despite the resounding success of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, crypto companies in the UK are facing severe challenges. It all started in February after HSBC and NatWest announced restricting the purchase of cryptocurrencies. While NatWest imposed a £1,000 daily limit and £5,000 30-day limit on payments, HSBC prohibited customers from buying cryptocurrencies with their credit cards. Hence, crypto-based businesses are now unable to access various banking services, with banks rejecting their applications and asking for extra paperwork.

UK banks further increased the pressure on crypto companies after Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank collapsed. The stricter rules have forced businesses to adapt their operations, and some have even opted to move their activities to more crypto-friendly jurisdictions. However, the increased regulatory scrutiny has not dampened the enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies in the UK. Many investors see regulators' growing interest as a sign of cryptocurrencies' increasing legitimacy, further boosting confidence in the market.

Dogecoin Price Spikes after Elon Changes Twitter Logo

In a surprising turn of events, the price of Dogecoin spiked by about 30% after Twitter CEO Elon Musk changed the app logo from its blue bird to a Shiba Inu dog, which is often associated with the coin. This event highlights high-profile figures' influence on the cryptocurrency market and how quickly market sentiment can shift. While Dogecoin's price surge may not have the same lasting impact as Bitcoin's exceptional performance, it does illustrate the unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency market.


Bitcoin's outstanding performance in the first quarter of 2023 has solidified its position as a leading alternative asset. Amid the turmoil in the US banking system and the tightening of crypto regulations in the UK, Bitcoin has continued to thrive, providing investors with a more stable store of value. With the growing mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and other digital currencies will likely continue to gain prominence in the financial landscape. And as the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, Bitcoin's best quarter in two years is a testament to its resilience and staying power in an ever-changing financial environment.

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