MySecure Review — How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin Without Limits

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MySecure platform
MySecure platform

Buying bitcoin through centralized exchanges is becoming unreliable. It is not too late to think about finding another site that will ensure complete anonymity and security of funds. MySecure, a non-custodial P2P bitcoin trading platform, can become such an alternative. And also well-known centenarians of the market, such as Localbitcoins and Localcryptos have also stopped providing services. 

MySecure is a P2P service that allows you to buy and sell bitcoins for any fiat currency, and it does not require verification, unlike most services.

In addition, many centralised exchanges and services went bankrupt, their users have lost their crypto assets, and MySecure works stably and guarantees the safety of funds.

What is MySecure

P2P payments
P2P payments

MySecure is a peer-to-peer trading platform where users can directly transact with bitcoin. Funds are not stored on the platform, but are only blocked on an escrow account to avoid risks. Thanks to this, the service is also completely anonymous and does not require KYC verification.

In MySecure, you can exchange bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, as well as for any fiat currencies, depending on the country of operation. Therefore, the list of available payment methods varies by country.

The service is available in 13 languages, including Russian, which makes it a very convenient tool for users from Russian-speaking countries. A simple and user-friendly interface allows even beginners to start trading bitcoin in a couple of minutes.

How to Register

Registration on MySecure
Registration on MySecure

To register a new account on MySecure, you need to go to the main page of the site and click on the green "Register" button:

Registration procedure on MySecure
Registration procedure on MySecure

After that, you need to fill out the form, indicating the current email, username (it will be displayed on the site) and timezone. You also need to create a password, which must contain at least one uppercase letter and a number, then agree to the user agreement and go through the captcha. And confirm the action by clicking on the "Register" button.

Registration procedure on MySecure
Registration procedure on MySecure

The system will send a confirmation to the designated email address. You need to follow the link, then enter your username and password. At this stage registration procedure is completed. 

Do I Need Verification on MySecure

Verification on MySecure
Verification on MySecure

Trading on MySecure does not require verification, the platform does not process any personal data, so that users do not have to worry that this information will be transferred to third parties. All you need to create an account is an email. 

The service also does not store user funds, since all transactions are carried out directly between users. MySecure does not block users, does not conduct KYC verification and does not collect personal information of users. 

Principle of Operation

How MySecure Works
How MySecure Works

MySecure works without the involvement of third parties, directly between the seller and the buyer. The service only creates a multisig escrow address for sending bitcoins, which allows you to protect the transaction. 

Operation procedure on MySecure:

  1. The user creates a contract on the service to buy or sell bitcoins.
  2. MySecure creates a multisig escrow address to which the seller sends bitcoin directly from their wallet.
  3. The buyer sends fiat funds or cryptocurrency to the seller's account, in accordance with the agreed payment method.
  4. The seller confirms the receipt of funds to his account, after which the bitcoins are transferred directly to the buyer's wallet.

How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies on MySecure

Buying Bitcoin
Buying Bitcoin

How to Buy Bitcoin

To buy bitcoin, you need to go to the "Buy BTC" tab on the main page of the site. After that, select the country in which you are going to carry out the operation and click on the "Apply filters" button:

Buying BTC on MySecure
Buying BTC on MySecure

All available offers at the moment will be displayed below. To accept a suitable offer, you need to click on the "Buy" button: 

Buying BTC on MySecure
Buying BTC on MySecure

You must enter the number of bitcoins you want to buy, or the amount you plan to buy BTC for, as well as the address of the wallet to which the seller will transfer the coins. 

In the drop-down list, you need to select a payment method from those indicated by the seller.

To confirm the operation, click on the "Accept offer and create a contract" button.

After that, on the page for creating a contract, you need to check all the specified data and confirm the operation by clicking on the "Generate escrow" button:

Buying BTC on MySecure
Buying BTC on MySecure

Next, you need to generate a payment password that will allow you to "sign"  the transaction.

After that, the offer will be sent to the seller for confirmation.

If you did not find any suitable offer, you can create your own offer with suitable conditions. To do this, click on the "Create offer" button:

Buying BTC on MySecure
Buying BTC on MySecure

On the offer creation page, you need to fill in all the information including price, payment method, country and work duration. As soon as the offer is published, you will start receiving offers from sellers. 

How to Sell Bitcoin

The process of selling bitcoin on MySecure is similar to buying it. In order to sell BTC, you need to click on the "Sell BTC" button on the main page of the site: 

Selling BTC on MySecure
Selling BTC on MySecure

If there is a suitable offer, then you need to click on the "Sell" button opposite it:

Selling BTC on MySecure
Selling BTC on MySecure

Further actions are the same as when buying bitcoin.

If there are no orders with suitable conditions, you can create your own by clicking on the "Create offer" button and filling in the required fields.

Advantages of the MySecure Service

Benefits of using MySecure
Benefits of using MySecure

The MySecure service has undeniable advantages that distinguish it from its competitors.

Complete Privacy

MySecure never collects users' personal information. P2P service was created by professionals, which are guided by the principles of freedom and decentralisation, embedded in the original concept of the Internet, and then bitcoin. 

Quick registration

Registration on MySecure takes no more than one minute. All you need is a valid email address and a public bitcoin wallet address. 

The user can optionally fill in personal information in the profile (for example, logo, name, etc.), which will be visible to other participants.

Low Commission

The transaction fee for each user is 0.25%, i.e. 0.5% for the entire transaction.This is one of the lowest fees on the market. 


All transactions on MySecure are executed at high speed. You just need to choose a suitable offer from the list of available ones or create your own, then follow a couple of simple steps, and the transaction will be successfully completed. 

Multilingual Platform

The MySecure platform has been translated into 13 languages, which makes it easier for users from all over the world to interact with the platform. The team promises to expand the list of available languages in the near future. 

Multilingual Support

MySecure has a multilingual support service available. To send a question, you must click on the “Contact us” button and describe your problem. 


All transactions on the platform work through multisignature smart contracts with multiple signatures, which is one of the most reliable methods of funds protection. 

For each new order the MySecure system creates a multisignature escrow address, to which the seller sends coins directly from his wallet. They are blocked on the escrow address until the buyer pays for the purchase using the agreed method. After confirming the transaction by entering the payment password bitcoins from the escrow address are transferred to the buyer's wallet. 

If one of the participants refuses to complete the transaction, then the bitcoins will automatically be returned to the seller's wallet. 

Non-custodial Wallet

The user is the only person who has access to the funds. This is a big advantage given the risks that centralised exchanges have, which can lead to the loss of cryptocurrency. When trading on MySecure, these risks are completely absent, since the cryptocurrency is in the user's wallet.

Taproot Addresses

MySecure supports Taproot addresses, which allows you to increase the confidentiality of transactions. 

No Country Lock

The platform is available in any country in the world. Despite the limitations of many services, MySecure still allows you to trade bitcoin with users from all over the world.

Variety of Payment Methods

A large number of payment methods are available for transactions on the platform. The team is constantly expanding their list, taking into account the wishes of users.

No KYC Procedure  

MySecure does not store users' cryptocurrencies, and the multisignature technology of smart contracts provides reliable protection for the participants in the transaction. This allows the platform not to require a KYC procedure. However, users can request each other's documents by mutual agreement in a secure chat during transactions. 


MySecure has a friendly community that will give support and strength to develop further. The team promises to continue creating convenient services for all users, taking into account the interests and needs of community members.

You can join the MySecure community in the following ways:

Telegram channel —
Twitter —
Medium —


MySecure is free trading without blocking, the service guarantees low commissions, security and speed, and a strong community.

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