Neteller: Registration, Deposit, Withdrawal and Reviews

4 months ago

Neteller, owned by Paysafe Financial Services Limited, has been operating in the money transfer market for over a decade. The service is in great demand among coaches and fans of online games. Services extend to over 200 countries and are supervised by the FCA. 

Neteller allows you to send money to almost anywhere in the world, offering payments in 22 currencies. To do this, just know the email address or mobile number of the recipient. 

Sending funds is possible to another person even if he does not have an account in the payment system.

The Neteller website is available in 16 different languages and provides customers with 24/7 support.

Many well-known brands, including cryptocurrency companies, already work with Neteller and provide exclusive bonuses to customers of the service. In addition, Neteller offers a very interesting program for VIP customers.

Register at Neteller

How to register with Neteller: 

  1. We pass to the official site of Neteller.
  2. Select "Free registration".
  3. Enter the requested information.
  4. Click "Register Now."

Official Neteller Website

Registering for a service is one of Neteller's advantages over alternatives. It is very convenient to start work with a minimum amount of requested data. This approach will at least save the client’s time. 

So what is the Neteller registration process? Details on the steps to create an account in the payment system below. 

  • We go to the official site of Neteller and get to the main page, where in the upper right corner or in the middle of the home page, click on the "Free Registration" button.
Registration in the Neteller payment system
Registration in the Neteller payment system
  • In the form that appears, fill in the name, email address and come up with a password. Password must contain at least 8 characters, an uppercase letter and at least one number. 
  • After all the fields of the form are completed, click "Register now." 
Registration in the Neteller payment system
Registration in the Neteller payment system

As you can see, everything will take no more than 30 seconds. Now, after a user has registered for Neteller, he can proceed directly to financial transactions within the service (replenishment of an account, transfer of funds, withdrawal of funds and others). 

How to Deposit Neteller

Deposit Neteller
Deposit Neteller

When you first replenish your account with Neteller, you should:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select “Top up account”.
  3. Choose a country and a recharge currency.
  4. Choose a deposit method.
  5. Choose the amount.
  6. Confirm the entered data.

Let us consider this process in more detail. 

After logging in to your account, in the panel located on the left side of the interface, select the tab "Deposit". 

Deposit in Neteller payment system
Deposit in Neteller payment system

Note that during the first interaction with the Neteller system, the user will be asked to provide additional information. This step is a continuation of the account registration in the system. Thus, Neteller will ask the user to determine the country of settlement and set the base currency used for transfers in the system. 

The main currencies at Neteller are the US dollar, British pound and Euro. 

Deposit Neteller payment system
Deposit Neteller payment system

At the next stage, the user will have to provide more information about the identity of the owner. So, in the form we enter the date of birth and gender, address of residence and mobile phone number. Note that the address is entered in Latin letters. Click "Next." 

Deposit Neteller payment system
Deposit Neteller payment system

The service will automatically create a 6-digit security identifier that will be needed when confirming transfers in the system. The combination can be changed independently by clicking on "Change security identifier". After we click "Next".

Deposit Neteller payment system
Deposit Neteller payment system

Now we proceed directly to the choice of the deposit method. The payment system supports the following areas: 

  1. Mastercard — Neteller.
  2. Visa — Neteller.
  3. Cryptocurrency — Neteller.
  4. Skrill — Neteller.
  5. Other EPS — Neteller.
Deposit Neteller payment system
Deposit Neteller payment system

Deposit with Cryptocurrency Transfer

The process itself will be examined in more detail using the example of depositing an account using cryptocurrency. First, recharge is available from Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash addresses. In the list, select this payment method. 

Note that the system charges a fee of 2.5% of the transfer.

In general, we enter the amount corresponding to the requirements and click "Next". 

Neteller processes payments in BTC / BCH through the BitPay cryptocurrency processing service. To start the exchange, you must register or log in as a guest, if the user has not previously interacted with this cryptocurrency service. 

In the new window, select the cryptocurrency in which the account will be replenished.

After choosing the currency, we scan the QR code to transfer from a BTC or BCH address, confirming the action by clicking on the "Deposit" button.

We are waiting for the receipt of funds to the account. 

Deposit with Visa Card

If the user prefers traditional methods of replenishment, such as transfer using a payment card or other EPS, then he will have plenty to choose from. 

In this case, consider the option of replenishing an account using a Visa card. 

So, in the tab "Deposit" select the payment option using a credit or debit  Visa card. 

Deposit an account in a Neteller payment system with a credit card
Deposit an account in a Neteller payment system with a credit card

In the window that appears, drive in the amount that must be at least 5 dollars, card number and its other data, as well as the settlement currency. 

Also in the lower part of the form indicates the purpose of replenishment: gambling, non-gambling. If the money is deposited into the account to participate in one of the areas, then put a tick in front of the appropriate option. If the goal is different, we ignore this condition. 

Upon completion of all fields, click "Next". 

Deposit an account in a Neteller payment system with a credit card
Deposit an account in a Neteller payment system with a credit card

Now the user must verify the entered data and confirm the information by clicking on “Next”, or reject by clicking on “Back”. For verification, not only information filled in directly by the user will be offered, but also the size of the commission, as well as the conversion rate. 

Deposit an account in a Neteller payment system with a credit card
Deposit an account in a Neteller payment system with a credit card

Then the system will redirect the user to the page of the card issuing bank, where it will be offered to enter a password, without which the operation is impossible. The combination of numbers will be delivered to the phone tied to the card account. Enter it and click "Confirm" .

After confirmation, the money will be debited from the card account, and will be credited to the Neteller account within a few minutes. 

Withdraw From Neteller

Withdraw funds from Neteller
Withdraw funds from Neteller

How to withdraw funds from Neteller:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select "Transfer money" or "Receive money."
  3. Select a direction to output.
  4. Drive the amount.
  5. Confirm the entered data
If the user first performs the operation to withdraw funds, then before the transfer can be completed, it is necessary to pass the verification of identity. Without this procedure, withdrawal is only available on the phone as a recharge.

For the system to give the green light to the conclusion, it is necessary:

  • Verify your account using the Facebook social network. In fact, the system obtains the consent of the client to access and process data stored on the platform. 
The procedure is not mandatory, therefore, if you do not have a Facebook account, or for any other reason, you can simply skip this step by clicking "No, thanks."

Just note that verification through a mobile application will take much less time than the verification process on the Neteller website. 

You can verify your identity by sending a document that confirms the identity of the client. It is not necessary to have a passport; a driver’s license or a pension certificate is also suitable. 

  • In the window that appears, after the document has been added to the system, click "Next." 
  • And go to the next step — confirmation of the location. So, if verification is carried out through a mobile application, then the system will by default receive geodata if the user gives permission for this. 

In the case when the confirmation of the address is done from a computer, then you will have to pull up a copy of the document confirming the fact of residence at a certain address. 

This can be a utility bill, bank statement, tax return, letter of admission to school, etc. As you can see, even schoolchildren can use this payment system, no age restrictions.

After the document has been successfully loaded, click "Next" and get a "Summary" of the steps taken. 

The process of checking the user's personal data, according to the information published on the Neteller website, takes up to 3 days, but usually the answer comes within the first day.

Successfully passed verification will not only open the possibility for withdrawing funds to the directions supported by Neteller, but it will also provide other advantages in the form of raising limits or completely eliminating them. 

In general, the payment system supports the following areas:

  • Neteller — bank account;
  • Neteller — Neteller
  • Neteller — mobile account;

Neteller Card

Neteller Card Money
Neteller Card Money

The payment system supports two types of prepaid cards: plastic (Net + Plastic Mastercard) and virtual (Net + Prepaid Mastercard).

Regardless of the type of card chosen, the owners do not need to replenish them, and the funds are withdrawn from the main account after the transaction.

To apply for a Mastercard from Neteller, you must:

  1. Pass verification.
  2. Go to the “Net + cards” tab on the left side of the screen.
  3. Make an application for receipt.
  4. Choose the currency of the card (it is recommended to use the same currency in which the operations on the account are directly conducted, so the user can avoid additional conversion fees).
  5. Specify a 4-digit PIN.
  6. Confirm the application.

Processing the request along with delivery will cost the user 10 euros and take up to 10 days. 

Neteller Wallet

Neteller Wallet Features
Neteller Wallet Features

The Neteller wallet itself has a fairly convenient interface, so the user can easily find what he needs. To interact with the system, use the icons located on the left side of the interface. 

At the very top, the balance is displayed in the currency selected during registration. It is followed by:

  • The account displays the status of the personal account, the history of transactions;
  • Refill;
  • Receiving the money;
  • Money transfer;
  • Cryptocurrency offers an option to trade;
  • History contains information on all steps taken on the account;
  • The reward displays a list of places where you can conduct transactions with discounts and other benefits in the form of bonuses, etc .;
  • The calculator is necessary for calculations when converting one currency to another;
  • Parameters - personal account settings;
  • Support.

Note that Neteller uses standard security measures to protect customer accounts. The site does not transfer account information to third parties, including sellers sites.

The resource uses SecureCode 3-D Secure to verify credit card payments using a unique user PIN for each transaction. Data protection measures include 128-bit SSL encryption and real-time transaction monitoring, which is a reliable way to prevent fraud. 

Also in the system you can become the owner of a VIP account, which provides discounts and bonuses for using the account in the form of free transfers, accelerated processing of withdrawals to a bank account, the presence of a personal manager, etc. 


Commissions in a Neteller wallet
Commissions in a Neteller wallet

The amount of commission for monetary transactions varies widely depending on the method used to replenish or withdraw the currency of the account, as well as the direction. 

Deposit variants:

  • MasterCard charges 2.5% — 4.95%;
  • Maestro charges 2.5%;
  • Visa charges 2.5% — 4.95%;
  • Visa Electron charges 1.75 — 4.95%;
  • Skrill, and other EPS — 2.5%.

Withdrawal variants:

  1. Bank transfer — $ 10;
  2. Check — $ 7.5;
  3. Member Wire — $ 12.75;
  4. Merchant's site — $ 0;
  5. Sending funds to a mobile account — 1.45%;
  6. Settlements between Neteller accounts — 1.45%,
  7. The purchase and sale of cryptocurrency is 1.5% — 3%, depending on the direction of exchange.
For any transactions that require conversion, Neteller charges 3.99% of the average daily rate of the interbank market.

If the funds on your account remain unavailable for more than a year, then a fee of $ 5 is charged monthly from such an account. 

What Currencies Does It Support

Neteller supports a huge range of currencies, including cryptocurrencies. At the time of writing, the payment system supports about 30 traditional currencies. The most popular are the US dollar, euro and British pound. 

We also advise you to see a detailed overview of the Neteller system:

Neteller cryptocurrency review

Neteller and Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies in the Neteller payment system
Cryptocurrencies in the Neteller payment system

As for cryptocurrencies, Neteller is quite competitive in this niche. The service supports about a dozen cryptocurrencies available for exchange through the provider's website, however, you can replenish your account only with the help of two — the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency and its fork Bitcoin Cash. This option is interesting in that it does not oblige the account holder to enter personal data, unlike other methods of depositing funds. 

Other cryptocurrencies (EOS, ETH, ETC, LTC, XLM, XRP, 0x, as well as BTC and BCH) used for exchange within the service in order to obtain benefits on fluctuations in cryptocurrency rates. Funds will appear on the account within a couple of seconds upon the confirmation of the exchange operation. 

It is worth noting that the exchange rate is at the level with exchanges and is updated every 5 seconds, which is also important. 

We also note that in the section “Rewards” various promotions from cryptocurrency services are presented. Thus, Neteller will not only facilitate the process of finding profitable offers on cryptocurrency platforms, but will also delight customers of the service with profitable offers. 

In general, thanks to cryptocurrencies, the service is great for users who want to conduct instant transactions and at the same time remain anonymous. 

Pros and Cons of Neteller

Advantages and disadvantages of Neteller
Advantages and disadvantages of Neteller

For those who use Neteller to pay for gambling and forex services, the payment system is almost indispensable. 

Neteller Benefits

Note that Neteller is also a convenient electronic wallet for use. There are applications for iOS and Android. 

More than a hundred services (Forex, cryptocurrencies, gambling) accept Neteller, therefore, the client will always have the opportunity to find the most suitable one without having to transfer funds to the account of another payment processor.
Neteller is a global e-wallet system whose services are distributed in over 200 countries.
Money transfer inside Neteller to the merchants website is carried out without commission. Such fees are compensated by sellers, not customers.
Verification is not mandatory (but without it you can withdraw funds only to your mobile phone).
VIP membership provides the client with more favorable conditions for interacting with the service, including loyalty program, refund, commission refund, multicurrency accounts, lower exchange fees, higher limits, etc.
Cryptocurrency purchase, sale and settlements.

Disadvantages of Neteller

Unfortunately, the system has noticeable disadvantages: 

In some areas, the withdrawal of funds by the system provides fairly low monthly limits. If the client plans to withdraw large amounts on an ongoing basis, it is probably better for him to consider applying for a VIP membership.
MasterCard Net + debit card issuance program has been discontinued.
The level of customer protection is not as great as, for example, in the PayPal payment system. Thus, to get a refund if the user was somehow deceived, it is almost impossible.
Internet financial regulation and gambling laws limit the use of Neteller in the following countries: Albania, Cambodia, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Laos, Lebanon, Macau, Singapore, Turkey.

Neteller Reviews

Neteller User Reviews
Neteller User Reviews

It doesn’t matter what goals the user pursues using this payment system, Neteller is a convenient solution when sending and receiving fast money anywhere in the world in whose territory the services of a payment provider operate. 

Also, users note the stability of the service in the presence of a competent support service.

Customers complain about the impossibility of withdrawing funds in certain currencies, as well as high commissions during conversion. Also mentioned is the requirement on the part of the payment system to confirm a bank account to which funds will be withdrawn. 

While some users are unhappy with the lack of customer protection in the event of fraud, others simply claim that the service itself is the scammer.

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