Bitcoin price

Halving Bitcoin 2020

What will be the third bitcoin halving in 2020

Halving bitcoin is considered an extremely important event, because it is accompanied by a rise in price. But is it really so? In the article, we understand what the third bitcoin halving will be in 2020.
4 years ago
Bitcoin Price Forecast

Bitcoin Turn: $ 10,200 - Bitcoin's Main Goal

Traders believe that after breaking through $ 10,200, bitcoin will go up. Let's take a look at Bitcoin forecasts from leading crypto traders in detail and see how real this scenario is.
4 years ago
Bitcoin growth

Bitcoin is ready for new growth: 3 reasons that push the price of BTC up

According to a number of traders, we are almost getting ready for a new price record. And then Tether poured several hundred million dollars into the market and tensions around the situation in Iran are growing, which is also called a possible factor in increasing the price of bitcoin. Let's discuss who pushed bitcoin and what we should expect.
4 years ago