AdBTC: Login, Registration and Feedbacks 2020

6 months ago
Earnings Bitcoins on AdBTC
Earnings Bitcoins on AdBTC

Among the many variants for earning cryptocurrency without investments, сryptocurrency cranes certainly give the lead. What could be easier than earning bitcoins for completing elementary tasks?

Today we will consider one of the trending portals for free cryptocurrency earnings, the AdBTC service. What is it like and is it possible to really make money on it? Find out the answers to this question at the end of our review.

What is AdBTC?

AdBTC – a free Bitcoin crane based on Pay-Per-Click (PPC), which pays cryptocurrency to users for viewing ads on the site. Exists since 2016. 

Unlike other similar projects, where cranes earn on advertising, which is a lot on their sites, AdBTC pays users for visiting advertisers’ sites. You just need to click on the sponsored links and watch how your balance is replenished. Such portals are also called “bucks”.

The unit of account on AdBTC is Satoshi, which are an integral part of Bitcoin (1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC).

AdBTC website supports 2 languages: Russian and English, It also allows users not only to earn money by viewing ads, but also to advertise their projects on the site. 

For 3 years of existence, the service managed to attract more than 63,000 users from all over the world. It is also worth noting that this is one of the few cryptocurrency bucks, which during its activities does not raise doubt as its legality. 

Official AdBTC Website

Registration and Login to Your AdBTC Account

Earn Bitcoins on cranes
Earn Bitcoins on cranes

You can start working with the AdBTC service only after passing the mandatory registration. 

Before that, we want to note that for stable operation of the site, disable antivirus or add the portal site to the exclusion list in the settings of your software, since the use of such programs may limit the ability to enter the site. 

So, let's begin. On the main page of the site, click on the “Register” button.

Registration on the AdBTC.TOP website
Registration on the AdBTC.TOP website

Next, you need to fill out the registration form. To create a personal account on AdBTC, you need to complete 5 simple steps:

  1. Step 1. Enter the current email address. It’s important to note that in the future you won't be able to change the specified email address, therefore, it is better to provide mail that you use constantly. 
  2. Step 2. Indicate the bitcoin address. In this field you must enter the wallet address to which the satoshi you earned will be credited. The site supports any bitcoin wallets, and is also a partner of the Faucethub service, on which you can withdraw amounts with lower limits.
  3. Step 3. Enter the password. In order to improve security, the service recommends using complex, unique passwords that you do not use in other applications.
  4. Step 4. Put the checkbox “I'm not a robot”.
  5. Step 5. Click “Register”.
Registration on the AdBTC website
Registration on the AdBTC website

To complete the registration process, you must verify your email address. Click the “Confirm” button as shown in the screenshot below and the service will send you an email with a confirmation code, which you must enter in the next window. To complete the registration, click “Confirm”. 

Registration AdBTC
Registration AdBTC

The site administration also warns that it is forbidden to create more than one account for one user on the AdBTC website. Also, all sorts of attempts to circumvent this rule, such as using a VPN, multiple registrations, etc. – all this is the reason for blocking all accounts without the possibility of a refund. 

After registration, you need to log in to the AdBTC website using your username and password. Next, you will enter to your personal account. Let's see what opportunities he offers us. 

Personal Account on

Ways to make money on AdBTC
Ways to make money on AdBTC

AdBTC user account is divided into several parts. 

In the left sidebar you can find the following information:

  • Block indicating account balance. 2 fields are displayed here. Balance is the amount of Satoshi earned by viewing ads, advertising balance – the balance of the amount paid by the user to cover the costs associated with advertising;
  • The current course of bitcoin;
  • Withdrawal menu;
  • Referral program. Each user of the service can become a member of the referral program and earn 10% of the cost of links viewed by referrals and 5% of the amount spent by referrals on advertising. This is your 100% passive income; 
  • Wallet change. In this section, the user can change the bitcoin address specified during registration; 
  • Security Settings. Here you can change the password, as well as see the history of entering your personal account; 
Toolbar in your user account on AdBTC
Toolbar in your user account on AdBTC
  1. Block “Earn”.  Designed for making Satoshi. Users immediately made all the available options: surfing sites, surfing in the active window and autosurfing;
  2. Block “Advertisers”. Designed for those who wish to place online advertising. AdBTC immediately made available types of advertising: surfing sites, surfing in the active window and autosurfing; 
  3. Referrals Market. Each referrer can not only use his link to attract referrals, but can also buy it on the exchange for a specified amount;
  4. Help. This section provides answers to some frequently asked questions;
  5. Transaction payments. It contains all the information on the payment of remuneration to users of the AdBTC crane, indicating the date, amount and other details.

In the central part of the page on AdBTC your unique ID is indicated, and you can also choose the language of the site.

AdBTC user account sections
AdBTC user account sections

The “Rating” field requires special attention. It indicates your system rating, which is equal to the earned points. The service provided a system for accruing so-called points, which are calculated depending on your activity on the site. The principle of scoring is indicated on the screen below. 

The principle of rating calculation for AdBTC service users
The principle of rating calculation for AdBTC service users

Often, advertisers on AdBTC prefer to attract high-ranking users to surf, so the more points you have, the more chances to see as many offers as possible for earnings. 

Also, advertisers with a rating of 100 are given an additional discount on surfing.

In addition to the above, in the central part of the personal account window there are separate quick access buttons to sections for earning and advertising.

How to Make Money on AdBTC

How much can you earn on AdBTC
How much can you earn on AdBTC

Ways of Earning

It's time to move to the most interesting question – how to make money on AdBTC?

You can earn Satoshi on AdBTC immediately after creating your personal account. Go to the “Earn” block, as shown in the screenshot below.

Block for making cryptocurrency on the AdBTC website
Block for making cryptocurrency on the AdBTC website

So, the AdBTC service provides users with three ways to earn money:

  1. Surfing sites.
  2. Surfing in the active window.
  3. Auto surfing.

We will analyze each of the options in more detail.

Surfing sites

When you go to this section, the site will redirect you to the verification page. We solve a mathematical expression or captcha and move on. 

User verification window
User verification window

In the next window, the first task will already be available to you. Also, at the top of the window, users are shown the total number of available advertising links and the total amount of potential earnings. In our case, the site makes it possible to earn 239.4 Satoshi for watching 28 videos. 

Sponsored links are provided automatically. If the task doesn’t suit you for some reason, you can skip it by clicking the corresponding button. If you're ready, click “Start”. 

We are in no case will not miss the opportunity to earn, therefore, we don’t miss anything, click “Start” and see what happens next. 

Then the service will redirect you to the page of the advertising site. A new tab cannot be closed until the time indicated on the timer passes. Note, the countdown timer is not on the advertising site, but on the AdBTC tab of your browser.

As soon as the right time has passed, you will see the promised amount of Satoshi on your balance and you can proceed to the next task.

By the way, AdBTC is trying as much as possible to limit the use of bots and other automation to view ads, therefore, the “Start” button will be located in different parts of the screen every time. If you are spotted for using such programs, the account will be permanently banned by AdBTC site admins.

The average time spent on viewing one site in this block is 15 seconds, the payment is small – approximately 5-10 satoshi.

Lifehack: In order not to waste time, you can minimize the browser window or go to another tab, by this action the timer will not stop counting. Thus, you can do your own thing periodically checking the status of viewing ads on the site. 

Surfing in the Active Window

Let's see what the section “Surfing in the active window” offers us. 

The first noticeable difference is you immediately have access to the entire list of advertising links with the time and price. Therefore, you can choose for yourself the most profitable of the proposed, or just click them in an orderly fashion. 

Choosing any link AdBTC service redirects your page to the address of an advertising site. Unlike regular surfing, here you need to keep the page active as long as the timer is counting down. After completing the countdown, you will need to pass a simple captcha and then a notification about the crediting of funds will appear. 

The average time spent on viewing one site in this block ranges from 45 to 60 seconds, but at the same time the payment for clicking on the link is correspond - here you can earn from 20 to 100 satoshi. 


If you go to “Autosurfing”, then here all the ads are collected on one tab. No action other than keeping the tab open is required. Viewing time – 15-60 seconds. This option is the simplest, but also the least profitable. 

After all sites are viewed, the service will notify you of this. Thus, having looked at no more than 20 sites, we managed to earn 210 satoshi. Agree, a good bonus for such work.

By the way, pay attention as you watch ads, increases not only your balance, but also a rating. To earn more you need to be more active on the site and the service will offer you advertising with a higher price. 

In addition, to increase your income, you can use referrals. You have 2 variants: invite other users to join the site using your referral link or buy referrals in the “Referrals Market” section. 

Referrals Market
Referrals Market


AdBTC service gives you the opportunity to advertise your own projects on the site or even your referral link to increase passive income. Prices for advertising are quite budget. 

All advertising parameters are configured in your account via the “Advertisers” block.

Section for setting up advertising campaigns
Section for setting up advertising campaigns

As in the case with viewing ads, there are 3 ways of advertising on the service: 

  1. Surfing sites – the price starts at 10 Satoshi per click with a minimum visiting hours of 15 seconds.
  2. Surfing in the active window – the price starts at 14 Satoshi per click with a minimum visiting hours of 10 seconds.
  3. Autosurfing – the price starts at 6 Satoshi per click with a minimum visiting hours of 15 seconds.

Payment for advertising is made only from the advertising balance, replenishment of which is possible using Payee or via moving the main balance. 


Withdrawing funds with AdBTC is available in three directions:

  1. To the FaucetHub wallet – the minimum withdrawal amount is 5000 Satoshi.
  2. On Bitcoin address – the minimum withdrawal amount is 35,000 Satoshi.
  3. Transfer to advertising balance – without restrictions.

All withdrawal operations from AdBTC are carried out without commission.

To withdraw funds, go to the “Withdraw” section and select one of the proposed options.

Withdrawal of funds
Withdrawal of funds

If you are not going to spend the earned money on surfing your site, then it is safer to withdraw Satoshi on your Bitcoin address, which was specified during registration.

The site indicates that the withdrawal may take up to 3 business days, but usually it takes no more than 24 hours. 

Pros and Cons of AdBTC

Pros and cons of AdBTC
Pros and cons of AdBTC

As you can see, despite the dubious reputation of many bucks projects, the service is really working.

On the positive side:

  1. The service really pays for the tasks;
  2. Amounts of earnings is higher than that of other Bitcoin cranes;
  3. Referral program;
  4. The site is not overloaded with advertising and spam;
  5. Quick withdrawal of funds;
  6. Open statistics.

If we talk about the negative:

  1. The presence of a minimum amount for withdrawal;
  2. Possible problems with crediting funds. Many bitcoin wallets have minimum limits for crediting. So, for example, for users of Exmo wallets, the minimum deposit amount is 100,000 satoshi. This means that when transferring 35,000 from your AdBTC balance, this amount will not be credited to your wallet and may just get lost; 
  3. A limited number of tasks per day;
  4. Most often, the site offers advertising scammers projects, therefore, be extremely careful and do not trust dubious organizations.
Review AdBTC Review

After analyzing the user reviews of the AdBTC service, we can say that the situation with him is the same as with any similar portal – there are both enthusiastic reviews about AdBTC, and reviews of complete disappointment.

It can be noted user dissatisfaction with low earnings, slow work of the support service, as well as frequent changes in the rules, in particular, raising the minimum amount for withdrawal.

Summarizing our review, we want to note that AdBTC in its segment is probably one of the best and most accessible sites for easy money. The not overloaded and concise interface makes it possible to earn cryptocurrency daily for both beginners and experienced users very easy. But there is a fly in the ointment. Yes, we noted earlier that AdBTC pays more than others, but is it possible to earn really big money here? Given the daily limit on viewing ads, your daily earnings will be about 300 satoshi. Even when taking into account additional earnings due to referral links, etc., are the earned Satoshi worth the court's time?

Naturally, it's up to you. But if you firmly decided that this type of earnings suits you, then we can safely recommend AdBTC.

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