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SEC vs Telegram

US SEC Recognizes Gram Tokens with Securities

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has finally decided on the classification of the Gram cryptocurrency. In their understanding, these tokens cannot be goods and are securities.
6 months ago
Cardano price

Cardano price in 2020: is it worth investing in this altcoin?

Many crypto experts call Cardano the 2020 cryptocurrency, which is definitely worth investing in. And Benjamin Coven predicted an increase in the Cardano rate of 22,000% in 2021-2023. In this article, we understand how realistic this is.
6 months ago

SEC found inaccuracies in documents submitted by Telegram

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) once again found a reason to criticize Telegram. This time, the regulator said that the company did not provide accurate information about the applications in which cryptocurrency will be used.
6 months ago
Halving Bitcoin 2020

What will be the third bitcoin halving in 2020

Halving bitcoin is considered an extremely important event, because it is accompanied by a rise in price. But is it really so? In the article, we understand what the third bitcoin halving will be in 2020.
6 months ago