SEC vs Telegram

US SEC Recognizes Gram Tokens with Securities

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has finally decided on the classification of the Gram cryptocurrency. In their understanding, these tokens cannot be goods and are securities.
4 years ago

SEC found inaccuracies in documents submitted by Telegram

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) once again found a reason to criticize Telegram. This time, the regulator said that the company did not provide accurate information about the applications in which cryptocurrency will be used.
4 years ago
TON Investors

Who invested in TON?

ICO TON is one of the most mysterious events in the world of cryptocurrencies. Who invested in the project, what is hiding Durov and what is the SEC so concerned about? You in this article, we figured out who are the investors of ICO TON and what is known at the moment.
4 years ago